A group of complete strangers find themselves in a precarious position, trapped inside the walls of an enormous hi-tech facility, in some unknown, yet familiar, location. With strange marks on their bodies and no memory of how they got there, they work together and traverse the compound looking for an exit. But they soon begin to realize there's much more to their plight than they initially thought. Each passing moment presents not only more questions, but deadly challenges and startling discoveries of things that shouldn't even exist.

As hours turn into days, the group becomes more desperate--their paranoia almost unmanageable. They struggle with the increasing feeling that whoever or whatever is orchestrating this rat maze has much bigger plans for them. As they continue forward, hanging onto their last shreds of hope, the unexplainable occurrences and bizarre happenings eventually lead them to one question that should give them all the answers they need. What is Hayling?

In other words...

If I had to describe the project based on comparisons to existing properties, I'd have to say it's the love child of Lost, Half-Life, Cube, and Portal. It's a sci-fi survival story that delves into our characters' lives while they overcome circumstances unlike anything anyone's ever experienced. 

It spans many locations, loaded with mysteries and unexplainable oddities, forcing our characters to figure out why they're trapped, who or what's behind it, and even grapple with the idea that maybe there's a higher sense of purpose to all of it. 

What is it?

With Hayling, I'm aiming for a different kind of format. It's not exactly a novel, nor is it necessarily a graphic novel or comic. Imagine a large format, illustrated novel, but in addition to the story text, there is additional information, graphics, and color illustrations on almost every page. I'm also looking into producing a short teaser trailer for the entire project.

A massive undertaking, but if it turns out anything like what I picture in my head, it won't be anything short of epic. This blog is where I will post progress and ideas related to the story, including sketches, paintings, and teasers. 

I hope you enjoy your visit.